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Frequently Asked Questions

 Camper Ages - My child will turn 7 over the summer. Can we register him/her for horse camp anyway?

We are sorry… children must be 7 AND HAVE FINISHED 1st GRADE before camp begins in order to qualify. We have found younger children not mature enough to be safe around horses.

 Dress Requirements for Camps - How should my child dress for camp? Does he/she need boots? What about a helmet?

Required clothing for camp is long pants, short sleeved t-shirts (NO TANK TOPS PLEASE) and closed toed shoes. Tennis shoes are fine. NO SANDLES OR FLIP-FLOPS. Riding boots are not necessary. Riding helmets are required for riding but are provided by our facility.

 Dress Requirements for Camps - What else should they bring?

Recommended for all camps… a water bottle, a snack (NO SNACKS WITH NUTS PLEASE since many are allergic)

Required for full day camps… a sack lunch

 Boys - It seems the camps attract mostly girls. If our son comes to camp will he be alone?

Typically there are boys signed up for every camp. If your son is concerned about this possibility please contact us to see if other boys are registered for the camp you are interested in

 ImpactU - What’s the difference between the ImpactU camp and the other camps?

ImpactU horse camp is a residential 5-day camp hosted by the Asbury admissions department. It is offered only to high school students who are interested in exploring college life with an equine emphasis. Room and board plus college life experiences are included. The other camps are day camps for children ages 7 through highschool. Meals & overnight accommodations are not provided for the day camps.

 Price of Camp - Prices this year have increased. We are concerned about that.

The Asbury Equine Center has not raised their prices for horse camp for many years while the prices of horse care, farm upkeep and staff payroll has continued to rise. We have researched other similar camp charges and are now offering the same kinds of camp at the lowest comparable prices.

 Scholarships - Are there any scholarships available?

Given the number of requests for scholarships, we encourage those requesting this possibility to seek as many options for financial help in other avenues before they are considered for a scholarship. We find there are sometimes grandparents or other relatives that may be willing to donate for children to attend. Sometimes churches are willing to support a child for camp. We are also willing to set up a payment plan for those who wish to pay on a monthly basis until the amount is paid in full. Having said that, we will consider either full or partial scholarships for a limited number of children. Please contact us for consideration for either a full or partial scholarship.

 Volunteer Staff - I understand your equine farm has a volunteer program for older children? How does that work?

If your child is 13 or older, has previously attended one of our horse camps, has horse experience & a passion for horses or farm care we will consider them for a place with our volunteer staff. In the past volunteer staff have helped with horse care, stall & arena upkeep, help with the children attending our horse camps, special events, etc. under the supervision of our professional staff personnel. Special events and privileges are also granted our volunteer staff in appreciation for the hours they work. Work hours are geared toward the needs of the farm and can be arranged around the schedule of the volunteer. Some volunteers work a regular schedule throughout the whole summer. Others commit to certain weeks of work. Please ask for a Volunteer Staff Application to apply for consideration or one of those positions. The number of volunteers accepted will be limited.

 Volunteer Staff - My child is interested in volunteering during the school year as well as the summer. What are the options for that?

We are sorry to say that volunteering is only available during a select part of the summer. Our own AU students provide the work necessary to run the farm during the school year.

 Can I sign up my child for riding lessons?

I'm sorry to say that our horses and facility are very busy during the school year for our own academic requirements so we are unable to provide any extended riding lessons. Although we don't recommend any specific riding programs we know there are several available in the area.  Feel free to look on line for those opportunities.

We do however; provide community trail rides on many Saturdays in the fall and again in the spring.  To explore those opportunities please go to... The information on that web site will be updated for the fall trail rides in September & spring trail rides in February once our trail ride team gets their schedule finalized for each semester.

 Is there a Cancellation or Change Camp Fee?

Yes, cancellation fees will be assessed as follows…

1-7 days’ notice (from first day of camp) – 100% total camp fee

8-14 days’ notice (from first day of camp) – 75% total camp fee

15-21 days’ notice (from first day of camp) – 50% total camp fee

22-28 days’ notice (from first day of camp) – 25% total camp fee